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Parents and Citizens

Subiaco Primary School

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Parents are encouraged to participate actively in many aspects of school life. The relationship between student-parent- teacher is one which should be fostered in order to gain the most for your child. Parents are involved in the school in the following capacities:

  • Assist in classrooms. Individual teachers can make arrangements to have parents assist in the classroom according to needs.
  • Assist during excursions.
  • Assist with library, covering books.
  • Parents & Citizens Association
  • School Board
  • Parent Subcommittees (Buildings & Grounds, Chaplaincy, Sustainability, Events, Uniform, Healthy Eating, Farmers Market, Pool, Safety House)

Hello and welcome to the Subiaco Primary School Parents and Citizens’ Association. The P&C is made up of school parents and involved citizens for the purpose of providing support to our school community financial and otherwise. The key to any of our initiatives, whether it is fund raising for a P&C sponsored project, providing feedback to the Principal and staff on issues of policy and curriculum where appropriate, or organizing an event that brings parents students and teachers together, is involvement.

On the P&C Website you can do the following:

  • read about the latest P&C news and events;
  • discover what the P&C sub-committess have been doing;
  • visit the Uniform Shop and Online P&C Shop;
  • review the latest meeting minutes and reports; and
  • visit your class webpage.
Download How the P&C and Board Support the School