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1 to 1 iPAD


1 to 1 iPad

Subiaco Primary School

Subiaco Primary School iPad Guide


What iPad is suitable?

For students to engage fully in the 1:1 iPad classroom an iPad which will run the latest version of the iOS operating system is required.

For students to engage fully in the 1:1 iPad classroom they require the following:
9th generation minimum or an iPad Pro
iOS 17.1 installed.
64GB minimum of data storage (you can use 32GB devices, but they fill up very quickly)

Older iPads often cannot run required apps or updates. Families are free to make their own decisions about where to purchase their iPads.

Winthrop Australia is Subiaco Primary School’s service provider (technical support). They have special offers to buy or lease through the Winthrop Portal to Subiaco Primary School families.

If you have any queries please contact Peter Hayward at Subiaco Primary School –

2023-2024 Parent Info Presentation2024 iPad Guide


How to Identify which iPad Model you have

On the back of your iPad in the lower centre section, under the word iPad is the capacity (64, 128 or 256GB). Below the storage is the fine print about the iPad. You will see ‘Model’ and a 5 character model number beginning with the letter ‘A’.

Identify Your Model Info 


Accounts and Management

School Wi-Fi and Internet Connection
Student iPads will be connected to the school Wi-Fi when at school.

Our Internet connection at Subiaco Primary School is filtered through The Department of Education – Winthrop install an additional layer of restrictions on our iPads.

During the first week of school, families are encouraged to bring their iPad to Mrs. Foster in the library or to Mr. Hayward to have their Wi-Fi settings configured.
Winthrop Australia install an additional layer of filter and restrictions on our Wi-Fi network. We cannot filter 3G, 4G or 5G and they must be disabled at school.

We strongly urge parents to set up appropriate ratings based on their family values and restrict content in the Screen Time section on iPads.



In order to fully participate in the iPad program, there are a number of Apps required. Please ensure the full compliment of apps from the list provided are installed ready to be used.

We recommend parents use an Apple iTunes gift card to purchase the apps.

New apps may be required throughout the year and you will receive written notification in advance.

Students will only be using approved Apps at school.

Download the 2024 list of Year 4 AppsDownload the 2024 list of Year 5 AppsDownload the 2024 list of Year 6 Apps


Insurance and Protection

Your iPad is not covered by Subiaco Primary School or The Department of Education’s insurance policy.
Please check with your home and/or contents insurer if your existing cover extends to an iPad being brought to school by your child. If you purchase your device through Winthrop Australia you may select insurance through Protectsure as an optional extra.

All Apple hardware comes with a one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support.

It is recommended you extend your coverage further with the AppleCare+ Plan.
An insurance indemnity form for your iPad must be signed before use at Subiaco Primary School.

A keyboard or a case with a keyboard is strongly advised.

iPad Cover
In order to keep the iPad safe and well-protected, it is compulsory for all students to purchase a recommended (or similar) iPad cover. Cases we recommend include: Longitech, Otter, Case Buddy, Targus, STM case for iPad. If unsure please check with us.


Cyber Safety

Cyber safety practices are a high priority at Subiaco Primary School and appropriate duty of care is extended to all our digital environments. Students and Parents also have a responsibility in this area to minimize risk or exposure to unsuitable material.

Any misuse of digital technology or online tools will be handled in line with relevant Department of Education Policies and the Subiaco Primary School’s Positive Student Behaviour Support Policy.


Digital User Agreement

All students and parents/guardians must sign a Digital User Agreement to allow their child to access digital technologies, media tools and digital learning environments established or accessed by Subiaco Primary School.

Download Digital User Agreement Yr 1-3Download Digital User Agreement Yr 4-6