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School Board

Subiaco Primary School



Zoe Schaffert

Board Chair
I am proud to be Board Chair of the Subi PS Board. I have two daughters attending the school and love the community atmosphere and commitment of the school to developing the whole child. I am a Deputy Principal with over 15 years experience in schools. I am passionate about education and look forward to working with my fellow board members to drive the strategic direction.


Angela Snowball

Parent Representative
I am proud to be part of the Subiaco Primary school community, along with my three boys.
My professional background is in marketing and communications and I am currently working as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. I have a particular interest in literacy. I look forward to working productively with the board and school community in continuing to make school a positive, engaging and fun learning experience for every child.


Kah Yee Loh

Parent Representative
Being a proud parent of 2 children at Subiaco Primary School (Yrs 2 and 5), and having volunteered in various roles within the school and local community (as president of the Subiaco Playgroup committee and as class liaison parent), and with my legal background (as a WA government lawyer for 18 years and most recently as a member of the State Administrative Tribunal), I hope to make meaningful contributions to the governance of our amazing school.


Louis Martin

Parent Representative
My wife and I have three children at Subiaco Primary. We all love the strong sense of connection that comes with being a part of our vibrant, diverse and supportive school community. I work as a lawyer at Wesfarmers where I help businesses grow by developing practical common-sense plans to take advantage of opportunities and address challenges. Outside of work, I teach board governance and compliance at the Governance Institute and am a passionate supporter of the arts. By being part of the School Board, I can use my knowledge and skills to contribute to our school community being the best that it can be.


Sue Stepatschuk

Community Representative
I have lived in Subiaco for 30 years and love being part of the community. I am  also very grateful that my children have had the opportunity to learn and grow in the vibrant and progressive learning environment offered at Subiaco Primary School. I am hoping that my qualifications and skills in marketing, communications and stakeholder relations will allow me to make a positive contribution to the board and  strategic direction of the school.



Greg Lynch

Community Representative
My daughter Greta attended Subiaco Primary School from Kindy to Year 4. I have been involved with the school as Class Liaison Parent and P&C President, and am currently the Chairman of the committee for the Subi Farmers Market. I am an IT professional and have used my experience to help many schools with their IT requirements. I love Subiaco Primary School, and the broader Subiaco Community, and am thrilled to be part of the school board.


Carolyn Press

School Representative (School Principal)
Our Board members bring their experiences and expertise to represent the school community on setting the strategic direction of our school. They are committed to ensuring we live up to our motto, “Our Best.” I value their considered input as we work together to reflect upon our vision and direction, in order to improve our great school.


Ashley Snedeker

School Representative (Teacher)
I am a passionate and dedicated teacher and it has been a privilege to be teaching at Subiaco since 2013. I have a background in Economics and Finance, a Master of Teaching and experience in both lower and upper primary. I am looking forward to using my skill set as a member of the board to continue to make Subiaco Primary School the wonderful place that it is.


Chris Shorter

School Representative (Teacher)
I first arrived at Subiaco primary in 2007 and it has been an absolute pleasure to have been a part of the school’s growth in that time. The mix of heritage, community and family can be felt everything we do at Subiaco and I believe it is the ideal environment to prepare our students for a bright future. Having served on the school council during the transition to achieving independent public school status, I bring a wealth of experience to the school board and look forward to working with the other board members to build upon all that has been achieved at Subiaco primary so far.

School Board Terms of Reference

The Board is formed with the fundamental purpose of enabling parents and members of the community to engage in activities that are in the best interests of students and will enhance the education provided by the school.

School Board Roles and Responsibilities

The role of a School Board is outlined in the School Education Act 1999. In essence, the role of a School Board is one of setting the long term future for the school and maintaining oversight (not management) of the school’s operation. It is not about running the school – that is the job of the principal. It is about providing additional expertise to help the school achieve the best outcomes for the students.

2020 School Board Meetings

Parents are welcome to attend School Board meetings in an observer capacity.  For information about when the next meeting is scheduled contact Zoe Schaffert, School Board Chair on

If you would like a copy of any of the School Board minutes contact Carolyn Press on


From the School Board Chair

October 2020

Our school Board met this week to finalise our preparations for the School Review on Thursday 22nd October when we will meet to discuss our role in the governance of our school. In line with our role of making sure school priorities reflect the needs of the students we reviewed assessment data such as the On-Entry (beginning of the year testing for pre- primary students), National Quality Standards (NQS) and Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) for maths. Due to COVID there was no NAPLAN testing this year for years 3 and 5 but that is usually part of our analysis.

Following my discussion and feedback from the Class Liaison Parents (CLPs) last term we have created a visual of the Governance Tree to show how the Board, P&C and school staff work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for our children. The Governance Tree is relevant for all school communities and we made one specific for our school so it is clear to our existing and new families about the various roles and responsibilities of each group.

We also discussed the Term 4 Cultural Café where we are seeking input from families about how we can best acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of our school community, a date will be advertised shortly for this evening event. A standing item on our agenda is the Principal updates to ensure we are well informed in areas such as Open night, Compass and School Development days. We enjoy robust discussions and our meetings are always carefully planned to address the school priorities. Every family has now received a copy of the 2020-2022 Business Plan, we hope you enjoy reading about the next exciting phase in our school’s journey.

August 2020

Our Board met last week to continue preparing for our School Review which is planned for early Term 4. School reviews provide feedback to principals, their staff and the school community to help improve school performance. The Board’s role in the review is focused on the Relationships and Partnerships area. Using Education Department documents we reflected on our performance and we look forward to meeting with the Review team to discuss our role in the strategic direction of the school. Following ongoing collaboration and consultation with the school community, we are excited to announce that our 2020-2023 Business Plan is nearing completion. At the meeting we reviewed the final details of the design before it is made available to everyone before the end of term.

June 2020

An addition to newsletters, following each School Board meeting, will be a summary of what has been discussed/actioned to keep our school community informed. A key role of our Board is to work with the leadership team to set the strategic direction, review the school’s priorities and ensure resources are allocated to the objectives and priorities. Our Board members contribute a wide range of professional experience in fields such as Law, Accounting, Education, IT and Business.

On Thursday 11 June we met to review the Student, Parent and Staff National School Opinion Survey Results. We looked at the responses for each of the questions to determine areas of strength and development to inform planning. We reviewed the draft of the 2020-2022 Business Plan which has undergone many changes since it was a focus of the school development days in January. We reviewed the content, design and layout with the goal of creating a stream lined document that is readily accessible to our school community. A highlight was reading the Year 6 students’ ideas and insights about ways to make the school even better.

We would like to take this opportunity to formally recognise the outstanding efforts of the Subiaco PS staff to maintain a sense of normalcy, communication and connection during recent months. It certainly helped our children and families to cope and we appreciate your efforts.


Summary of Meeting Discussions and Decisions

Meetings 14 October

The Board discussed:

  • Readiness for School Review in all 6 areas
  • Student achievement data in On-Entry (beginning of the year testing for pre- primary students), National Quality Standards (NQS) and Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT)
  • Proposed Cultural Café evening to acknowledge diversity of the school

The Board endorsed:

  • Governance Tree to demonstrate how school, Board and P&C work together

20 August 2020

The Board discussed:

  • Readiness for School Review in the area of Relationships and Partnerships
  • Undercover area options and preference for replacement of current structure
  • Strategies and ways to strengthen cultural responsiveness
  • Draft graphic design of Business Plan and provided feedback for designer

The Board endorsed:

  • Proposal to trial having Year 4-6 swimming carnival off site in 2021
  • School Board induction checklist
  • Replacement of undercover area structure

11 June 2020

The Board discussed:

  • The Student, Parent and Staff National School Opinion Survey Results
  • The look and feel of the Business Plan and recommendations for graphic artist


  • Ash Snedeker presented draft Business Plan content for endorsement and work-shopped an implementation timeline of the Business Plan in the areas of Partnerships and Cultural Responsiveness.

12 March 2020

The Board discussed:

  • The roles and responsibilities of the School Board
  • Draft Business Plan.

The Board endorsed:

  • A 12.00 pm early closure for the parent teacher meetings at the end of first term
  • 2020 Budget


  • Allison Swan gave a comprehensive budget presentation for the 2019 school year