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CLP Roles

Subiaco Primary School

CLP Coordinator Role

At the start of each year, each class asks for 1-2 CLPs.

The Coordinators share information with the CLP reps and supports them in fulfilling their role. In addition, they provide a link with the School Administration and P&C Executive.

CLP Role

The role of the Class Liaison Parent (CLP) is an important one to develop transparent and good communication and liaison between students, families, teachers and the school community.

The CLP roles are to:

  • Welcome new families and help them transition into our
  • Organise social functions during the year to build friendship networks and community spirit a class picnic for families or a morning tea for parents in the class or year level.
  • Follow the Subiaco Primary School Communication Policy.
  • Work closely with the classroom teacher and communicate for class purposes to parents through COMPASS – the school’s management system. Thismay includeinformationaboutsocialfunctions,events andexcursionsrequiringparent
  • Meet with the Principal and administrative team through the year to provide valuable feedback and input into the school’s strategic direction.
  • Organise end of year gift for the class teacher according to the Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy and procedures.

COMPASS is the official communication platform utilised at Subiaco Primary School.  Other platforms utilised for communication amongst parents are not endorsed or moderated by the school.

Download the CLP Role Statement


2023 Class Liaison Parents

KL7ASharon Hill, Emma NolanMelanie Tan
KL7BSharon Hill, Emma Nolan
KL8ADeb Padley, Leanne RogersonAna Coyle
KL8BDeb Padley, Leanne Rogerson
Juliet Currin
PPEC1Rachel Clune, Kristy Wakefield
PPEC2Alice Brennan, Annie JohnsonJemma Costigan
PPEC3Bev Gaunt, Mary-Cruz Reed
PPEC4Cassie Zadow, Claire GreckoSynth Senthi, Jade Wade
1LP1Kate Somoff, Laurie JohnstonEmma Benichou
1LP2Lia Maroni, Cassie PracilioKrista Horgan
1LP3Nicky Green, Emma NolanAmruta Pendse, Manisha Desi
1LP4Jodie Busby, Claire McCaulAshley Valmadre, Isabelle Roy
2LP5Louise Mitchinson, Natalie TyersWicki Woods
2L3Heather MackeseyShanti King
2L5Robyn Heyworth, Claire McCaul
2L6Rina Foti, Cassie Pracilio
3L2Cat Deacon
3L9Sandy Thornett
3M1Nicole Simons
3M2Jessica Rawson
4L1Sue Walsh
4M3Jenny Richardson
4M4Gemma HayleyNarissa Perks
4/5U5Toni ShaneDianne McCulloch
5U1Daniel Quantock
5U2Lindsey GilchristGenelle Cox
5U3Louise TurnerPei Yin Chang
6U6Michelle de Lestang, Peter HaywardDamien Storey
6U7Chris ShorterAmy Levitzke
6U8Allistair KettellDaniel Simms, Genevieve Binnie