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Class Liaison Parents

Subiaco Primary School

The CLP Coordinator for 2018, Phoebe Robinson, can be contacted via the general  P&C email address.


Download the CLP Role Statement


Class Liaison Parent…a little curious?


The role of the Class Liaison Parent (CLP) is to promote effective communication between students, families, teachers and the school community. CLP duties include:

  • Helping the P&C maintain a register of parent contact details;
  • With the class teacher, co-ordinate parent volunteers for excursions, class activities and educational projects;
  • Welcoming newcomers during the year and involve them in class activities;
  • Organising class social functions during the year;
  • Participating in monthly CLP lunches with the Principal to discuss whole of school performance, communication and planning issues; and
  • Co-ordinating parent and class participation in one P&C fundraising event during the year.

Your class teacher will call for CLP volunteers (sharing the role with another parent is a great idea) at the Term 1 Class Information evening. If you can’t attend this event and would like to nominate or obtain more information regarding the nature of the role, please contact Phoebe Robinson via the general  P&C email address.

The Harvard Graduate School of Education conducted a review of available research regarding parental involvement and student educational outcomes. It concluded that parental involvement in schooling “is associated with higher student achievement outcomes.” It can also be a lot of fun!

2018 Class Liaison Parents

KL7AAnnie NelsonNarissa Perks, Bronwyn Blain,
Catherine Taplin

KL7BAnnie NelsonMel Longhurst

KL8CLeanne RogersonAmanda Moreno Diaz, Azade Alem Falaki, Zoe Smart

KL8DNicole Green
Sarah Keighery, Amy Levitzke

PPEC1Deb Padley, Alice BrennanNicola Beighton

PPEC2Cassandra Waghela, Winnie HoweNaomi Abbondanza, Marika Cox

PPEC3Bev Gaunt, Sandy Thornett

PPEC4 Stephanie Wolfe, Sally DodsonCaroline Tomasz

1LP1Heather Mackesey, Lia Maroni Amanda Moreno Diaz

1LP2Bonnie MitchellLeanne Aitken

1LP3Natalie Tyers, Melanie MalitiosChloe Senior, Elaine Baldwin

1LP4Louise Mitchinson, Lia MaroniAshleigh Di Pietro

2L1Silka WoodRumi Hayashi

2L2Kate SomoffAmy Zempilas, Nikki Kinsella
2L5Robyn Heyworth, Jodie BusbyDanielle Daws, Lisbeth Bankowski

2L6Rina Foti

3M1Jess Syme, Michelle de LestangHelen Street

3M2Lyn HillsCatherine Halkon

3M3Melanie Cole
Rowena Buxton, Kezia George

3M4Brendan Egan, Michelle de LestangMichelle Potter, Sandy Chen
4U1Ashley Clancy, Sue WalshJen Cashion, Mel Tarnowy

4U2Kathy Reger, Sue WalshCaroline Bell, Inge Cooper

4U4Bronwyn Mace

5U3Daniel Quantock
Nadja Fernandes

5U5Linda MalesElizabeth Wallbank

5U6Ashley SnedekerAbi Crisp, Suzette Pritchard, Chris Donnetti