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Class Liaison Parents

Subiaco Primary School

CLP Coordinator Role

The role of the Class Liaison Parent is an important one to develop good communication and liaison between students, families, teachers and the school community as a whole.

The CLP coordinator shares information with the CLP’s and supports them in fulfilling their role. In addition, they provide a link with the School Administration and P&C Executive.

CLP Duties

  • To communicate to parents via the CLP email distribution list. This is an opt-in system. Communication may include information about upcoming fundraising events, excursions requiring parent volunteers and social functions. Whole school information as well as specific class information from the teacher will be sent via the Flexibuzz Newsfeed. You should liaise with your classroom teacher about what types of information both they and you think would be valuable to send to parents via the CLP email distribution list.
  • To coordinate your year level fundraising activity. This will often involve working the other CLP’s across your year level, and coordinating parent volunteers, as well as promoting your event to the broader school community.
  • To organise some social functions during the year to build a community spirit e.g. a class picnic for families or a morning tea for parents in the class.
  • To attend P&C meetings whenever possible.
  • To welcome newcomers during the year and involve them in class activities.
  • In the event of an emergency, to assist the school in contacting parents on distribution lists via email or text.

2020 Class Liaison Parents

KL7AEmma Nolan, Sarah TruscottCatherine Skreiner, Natalia Nash
KL7BEmma Nolan, Sarah TruscottElsa Roby
KL8ALeanne RogersonChristie Godfrey, Ana Coyle
KL8BNicole Green
Laura Toner, Giselle Weybrecht
PPEC1Deb Padley, Sally DodsonMarie Leong, Mandy Ashdown
PPEC2Annie Johnson, Cassie PracilioVivian Wong, Joe Chew
PPEC3Bev Gaunt, Sandy ThornettHashika Ramjee, Reyzel Sabanal
PPEC4Cassie Waghela, Rachel CluneDiane McCulloch, Caro Bell
1LP1Heather Mackesey, Natalie Tyers Scott Goodheart
1LP2Lia Maroni, Natalie TyersNatalia Lizama, David Pascoe, Kerrie McLean
1LP3Kristy MoloneyKerry Ann Auld
1LP4Louise MitchinsonFrancine Schwarzbach, Jenny Robinson
1/2L6Rina Foti, Sandy ThornettDanielle Giles, Gemma Shanahan
2LP5Alice Brennan, Kate SomoffMarika Cox, Brett Jenkins
2L3Silka Wood, Sandy ThornettGenelle Cox, Gavin Cox
2L5Robyn Heyworth, Sandy ThornettAriana Buckler
2L9Jodie BusbySomer Palazzolo
3L1Jess Syme, Ashley SnedekerFlora Liveris
3L2Lyn Hills, Ashley SnedekerLeanne Aitken
3M1Brendan Egan, Ashley SnedekerEmma Boyne, May Ng
3M2Jessica Rawson
Avanti Buckler
4M3Michelle de LestangFrances Reed, Rick Allen
4M4Scott WalkerAna Parr, Amelia Miller
4U5Kathy Reger, Clair McCaulSally Edwards
5U1Daniel QuantockFiona Davis
5U2Linda MalesElaine Baldwin, Danielle Daws
5U3Louise Turner, Sue WalshJodi Mansfield
6U6Jennie RichardsonRochele Offer
6U7Chris ShorterBev Harland , Jody Braslin
6U8Allistair KettellKirsten McGregor , Theresa Korten