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Useful Links

Subiaco Primary School

Online Safety Hub

We are very pleased to announce that our school has partnered with Australia’s leading cyber safety experts, ySafe by LineWize, to provide our parents, students, and teachers with the best possible cyber safety education support.

As a part of our partnership with ySafe, we have received our very own Online Safety Hub. The Online Safety Hub provides a rich source of information for you to help you manage cyber safety in the home, including engaging blogs, articles, guides and resources. 

The Subiaco PS Online Safety Hub can be accessed using the following link


Because parenting doesn’t come with instructions, SchoolTV is a wellbeing resource that can support you in the challenges relating to modern-day parenting.

This award-winning resource helps build relationships, foster connections, enable understanding and break down barriers to navigate a pathway towards better mental health and wellbeing for young people. It can assist in starting conversations on topics that are sometimes awkward or difficult to tackle.

The Subiaco PS SchoolTV resources can be viewed at


NaplanIn May of each year, students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 take part in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). NAPLAN was first introduced in 2008 and has become a routine part of the school calendar in Australia.

From 2018, Subiaco Primary students in Years 3 and 5 participate in NAPLAN Online

NAPLAN Online features ‘tailored testing’ which gives students questions that are more suited to their ability – resulting in better assessment and more precise results.

Visit the NAPLAN Online websiteFAQ Paper vs online NAPLAN

Let’s Read

Lets-ReadLet’s Read is an exciting initiative to promote reading with young children from birth to five years.

Let’s Read aims to give children the skills they will need to learn to read when they start school.

Visit the Let’s Read website

ABC Reading Eggs

Reading-Eggs-WebsiteABC Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities…and it really works!

Children love the games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning.

Visit the Reading Eggs website


Mathletics-WebsiteMathletics switches kids onto maths. It’s fun, supportive and effective for students of all ages and abilities, helping students achieve more across the full Kindergarten to Year 12 curriculum.

Visit the Mathletics website

CoolMath Games

CoolMath-WebsiteCoolmath has existed since the spring of 1997 and has grown to be THE most popular destination for math education (and fun) in the world. Coolmath was designed for the frustrated, the confused, the bored students of the world who hate math. Coolmath was designed for the students who just need to get through this stuff so they can reach their other academic goals. Coolmath was designed for the math geeks of the world who love math and want more, more, more!

Visit the CoolMath Games website

Study Ladder

StudyLadder-WebsiteStudyladder is a highly effective, logically organised, Mathematics and Literacy program. It has been developed by experienced educators to inspire and motivate learning. It is suitable for Primary and Junior High School students and is very easy to use – students simply login with a username and password to access all the learning materials.

Visit the Study Ladder website

Busy Things is an online subscription service for 3 to 6 year olds and SEN children. Parents, teachers and children can quickly and easily access an ever-growing number of fun yet educational activities and games.

Visit the Busy Things website

Purpose Games is host to educational quiz and trivia games created by its members. In just a few minutes, you can create your very own game to share with your friends!

Visit the Purpose Games website

Parent Links

Visit the WA Department of Education websiteVisit the VacSwim – WA Department of Education websiteVisit the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority websiteVisit the Telethon Kids Institute websiteVisit the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association [WA] websiteVisit the eSafety websiteVisit the West Australian Council of State School Organisations websiteVisit the School Curriculum and Standards Authority websiteVisit the My School Portal websiteVisit the Aussie Educator website