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P&C Fundraising

Subiaco Primary School

Each year, school parents work hard to raise funds through a variety of P&C activities and events.

The school community is then asked to help determine how these hard-earned funds are allocated for spending. In 2018, a total of $110,000 of P&C funds was made available to support a number of wide ranging projects to benefit our children and the teaching and learning program.

The following table outlines the successful submissions.


2018 P&C Funding Round Submission

SubmissionFunding Amount
Online typing subscription$800
Grounds improvement - greening the school front and entrance$3,000
Setting up an Intensive Literacy Support area$2,800
Boys and girls outdoor bathroom upgrade$5,000
Lighting for pool area$1,500
Replacement of pool shade pavilion$10,000
Lawnmower and garden equipment$1,000
School beautification art projects and art equipment$5,000
Literacy resources$5,000
Undercover area courts resurfacing and remarking & 4 square courts remarking$28,000
Sustainability - worm farming$947
Painting/re-carpeting classrooms$5,000
Choir uniform$2,500
Musical instruments$1,000
Universal Access equipment$2,000
Nyoongar Know How Incursion with Neville Collard (50% funded)$2,000
Digital technologies$21,000
Composting bays, fruit trees and children's gardening equipment$2,000
Bicycle parking area upgrade$10,000
Pool speakers, amplifier and installation$1,500
Nets for basketball rings$200