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Local Community

Subiaco Primary School

Subi Farmers Market

Visit the Subiaco Farmers Market websitesubifarmersmarket-website

Subi Farmers Market is operated by the Subi Farmers Market Committee Inc in partnership with the P&C of Subiaco Primary School as a Not-for-Profit Organisation, contributing profits to the P&C.

The Mission of the Subiaco Farmers Market is:

  • To provide fresh, nutritional & tasty food to the whole community on a regular weekly basis.
  • To support and stimulate profitable trading & growth of independent primary producers using ethical & sustainable agricultural methods.
  • To contribute to the vibrant community of Subiaco in a positive way by providing a meeting place creating a cohesive community spirit and a positive social experience.
  • To educate our children and the community about nutrition, healthy eating practices, sustainable agriculture, environmental issues and seasonal food.
  • To support Subiaco Primary School on an ongoing and sustainable basis.
  • To promote the “clean green” message in the community and contribute to local environmental sustainability.
  • To create opportunities for business to develop or diversify – both local and regional producers and potential stallholders.
  • To gather like-minded people together who share a common philosophy and are passionate about fresh produce, health and sustainable farming and educating the public.

SFM is proud to be sponsored by the City of Subiaco and the Bellcourt Property Group.

Shenton College

Visit the Shenton College websiteShenton-College-Website

Subiaco Primary School is a feeder school for Shenton College.

At Shenton College a child’s schooling experience is more than an outstanding academic result. We strive to develop our students’ knowledge of the world and to foster the emotional and social intelligence they need to be active participants and leaders, now and in the future.

A successful student at Shenton College will be able to work in teams, care for others and be an active contributor to society. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in a rich learning environment that cultivates creativity and nurtures their individual talents.

City of Subiaco Library

Visit the Subiaco Library websitesubilibrary-website

The City of Subiaco Library provides a wide range of services to meet the diverse information, recreational and cultural needs of the community. The library provides information services to:

  • Keep residents informed about their community.
  • Promote lifelong learning.
  • Support education and study.

Membership is free and open to all.