We have two scheduled concerts.  Please can you pencil these in your diary.
I will send out a registration event in Compass soon as I will need to know exact numbers attending for both events.

Both concerts are held in the evening and parents will be required to transport students to and from the concert.

There will be a few daytime rehearsals during the school day.  I will share the dates with you closer to the time.

WAGSMS (WA Government Schools Music Society) concert – Term 3 – Tuesday 6 August at Crown Theatre.

MCF (Massed Choir Festival Concert) – Term 4 –  Tuesday 5 November at HBF Stadium

You will find lots of information on the Parent tab of the MCF website

Students also have access to the MCF app – which has details of all the songs we will be working on for this year’s festival.

You can download the MCF app from the App store onto student devices.
The password is : wing24
Student should select SIDE 2

Most students did this during our last rehearsal.
Once we get started, students should be using the app regularly to learn songs, choreography etc

Thank you
Andrew Angel
Music Teacher