The Uniform Shop is excited to announce that over the Winter period (commencing Week 2 of Term 3), our school will be completing a three month trial with RagTagd, a young start-up company that helps parents find lost property at school.  Finally a way to help locate your child’s missing jacket!

How it works
Whenever your Smart Tagged garment reaches the lost property area, you will be notified via an automated SMS (text message) letting you know that it’s there – making retrieval quick and easy.  In fact, collection is so simple that 90% of families using RagTagd at other schools retrieve their lost property within a day of receiving an SMS.

How parents can take part
1) Free Smart Tags will be available (Term 3) from the uniform shop to sew into jackets you already own.

2) Activate your Smart Tag, by sending an SMS of your phone number, to ensure you receive notifications.

3) If notified, arrange collection of item from the lost property area.

What others say
RagTagd is up and running at 70 large schools in NSW and QLD

View a Channel 10 clip of RagTagd’s impact in Sydney at

Did you know…?

  1. Smart Tags are completely safe, like the credit card in your pocket.
  2. Smart Tags can be re-registered for second-hand sales and hand-me-downs

To find out more!

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RagTagd – Smart Tags For Finding Lost Property

Subiaco Primary School