KIDDO is a FUN program that aims to improve children’s movement skills to ensure that every child has the opportunity to enjoy and participate in sport and exercise. Two different skills such as Overarm Throw and Balance will be focused on each term using fun activities and games. The program caters to children of ALL abilities as the activities and instruction will be tailored to your child’s skill level which will help with their skill development and enhance self-esteem and motivation levels. The KIDDO website, has more information on the KIDDO program and many great resources on the development of movement skills. Click HERE for more information.

Focusing on the skills of Overarm Throwing and Balancing in Term 1
Who: Children in Pre-Primary – Year 1
Where: School oval at Subiaco Primary School
When: Mondays after school
Time: 3:20pm-4:05pm
Parent Week: Monday 25 March
Dates: Sessions start in Week 3 of school on Monday 18 Feb and run until Monday 8 April
Cost: $100 for Term 1.
If you have a healthcare or pension concession card and your child is aged 5-12 years you may be eligible for KidSport funding of up to $200 per year which will pay for participation in KIDDO. Please contact for application details.

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KIDDO Program

Subiaco Primary School