The Fathering Project exists at Subiaco Primary to foster greater involvement and engagement from Fathers & Father figures across the school. We hold a series of events each school year to connect our great community.

For Fathers new to school as well as those returning Fathers & Father figures, we are hosting an Introductory & Welcome Sundowner on Wednesday, 22 March starting at 6.00pm in the Lower Hall.

We will conduct a brief, interactive session on ‘Partnering with the School’ which will help you navigate how to better connect with the school for the good of your children. We will also run through some of the resources available through the Fathering Project and there will also be an opportunity to meet with some key staff members.

Following the session we will retire to the lower primary courtyard for a sundowner. Tickets are $20 covering drinks and catering with any remaining proceeds going to the school P&C.

Tickets available here

Any queries, please contact Andrew Devitt

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Fathering Project Sundowner

Subiaco Primary School