The EduDance program will culminate in a concert which will be held in our undercover area on Wednesday 28 November at 2.15pm.  Make sure you save the time and date.

Colleen from EduDance has requested a full dress rehearsal for the Week 7 class, either Tuesday 20 Nov or Wed 21 Nov. 

Each class is allocated a costume to wear to enrich and add to the concert experience.  If you do not have the item of clothing, you may want to consider going to second hand shops to source them. It is expected that all children wear runners and have their hair tied up at the concert.

The class timetable and costume list are outlined below.
If you have any questions or queries please see the classroom teacher.

Dress Rehearsal Week 7
Tuesday 20 Nov Wednesday 21 Nov
9.30-10.10 Yr 5 U6
10.10-10.50 Yr 5 U3 Yr 5 U5
11.10-11.50 Yr 4 U1 Yr 4 U4
11.50-12.30 Yr 6 U8 Yr 4 U2
12.30-1.10 Yr 6 U7


Year 4  U1 Pirates of Dance
White shirt and black pants or shorts. A scar painted on the face.
Supplied by school: Red bandana tied around head.

Year 4 U2 Welcome to Planet Earth                                   
Black pants.  A large old black shirt that is able to be ripped.  It will be ripped at school.
Supplied by school: A coloured t-shirt to be worn underneath the black shirt.

Year 4  U4 SHOUT!           
Shorts and a white t-shirt

Year 5 U5  Rock This Party           
Combination of red, black and white clothing.  No dresses or skirts.
Crazy/Funky hair

Year 5 U3  That Song on the Radio 
Denim jeans and a plain coloured t-shirt of any colour. Tie a flannel shirt around your waist.

Year 5 U6 Good Feeling
White t-shirt, long dark pants or leggings and a cap worn backwards.

Year 6 U7 Everybody Get up                                                  
Combination of black, blue and white clothing and a cap

Year 6 U8 Thunder          
Black pants or leggings. Black t-shirt.
Supplied by school: Bronze lightning bolt stuck on.

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EduDance Concert

Subiaco Primary School