Lately we have noticed a number of students staying and playing on the school grounds unsupervised after school, while other students are waiting around to be picked up well after 3:30pm.
Parents have the duty of care for students travelling to and from school. This means it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child arrives safely both to and from school.

Schools are responsible for duty of care of students once in the school grounds during school operating hours. At our school, children are asked to come to school from 8.30am when a teacher is on duty. If children come to school prior to 8.30am they are asked to sit on the steps outside the staffroom until 8.30am when a teacher will be on duty. After school, it is expected that children make their way home straight away unless under the supervision of parents, for example if playing in the Blackies.

The school cannot take responsibility for students who are at school after 3.15pm. For more information, click HERE to view extracts from the Department of Education’s Duty of Care Policy.

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Duty of Care Before and After School

Subiaco Primary School