Containers for Change
All interested students in Years 2-6 have been given a Containers for Change recycling bag.
They can be filled with eligible drink containers and then returned to school after the holidays so we can claim the 10c refund.
Once a bag is returned, we will give you a new one to replace it.

If you did not receive a bag and would like one, to help with this easy fundraiser, please come and collect one from the library.
We will be providing bags for the entire year.

For more information on container eligibility please visit

Bread Bag Recycling Program
The school has signed up to participate in the Wonder Recycle Rewards program which encourages Aussie schools to recycle bread bags that might otherwise go to landfill in return for points for their efforts. Points can be redeemed on new sports equipment to assist in active play.

Please save bread bags during the holidays and bring them to the school library for collection once term starts.
Any bag that has contained bread of some sort is eligible. We just ask that the bags are free of crumbs to ensure no contamination during the recycling process, but they do not need to be washed.

The program will be open from now until Friday 7 July.

More information can be found at

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Containers for Change and Bread Bag recycling programs

Subiaco Primary School