2018 P&C Funding Round

The Subiaco Primary School P&C has now opened the 2018 Funding Round.

Each year, we as parents work hard to raise funds through a variety of activities. Then we ask you to help determine how these hard-earned funds are allocated for spending. This is your opportunity to put forward a submission about what matters to you, on behalf of your kids. This year a total of $110,000 of P&C funds will be made available for submissions for P&C funding.

The submissions should align with the priorities of the school. To read the 2017-2019 Business Plan, which sets out our strategic direction click HERE

The following are the key dates for the funding round process:

  • 23 February to 16 March – Funding submissions accepted via the online form below
  • 19-20 March – Funding submissions reviewed and approved by the P&C Executive and the Principal
  • 21-28 March Funding submission online voting
  • 6 April  – Successful funding round submissions announced in the newsletter

Some points to note:

  • Each submission should have an estimate of cost included, ideally determined by means of thorough research or formal quotation. Uncosted or poorly costed submissions may be excluded from review.
  • Submissions must be reviewed and approved by the School Principal, preferably prior to being submitted. The submissions need to fit in with the policies, plans and directions of the school. You can ask Carolyn Press to review and approve your submission by emailing it to her at carolyn.press@education.wa.edu.au
  • Voting is open to P&C members only. Families who paid the P&C voluntary contribution this year are automatically P&C members.
  • The P&C Executive will manage this process and have final decision-making authority if required. If there is any resolution required as part of this process it will be undertaken by the P&C Executive.
  • If you have any questions please email Jodi Mansfield (P&C President) at jodi.mansfield@gmail.com


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