Students vs Teachers Lunchtime Team Game Challenge

With our exciting interschool event approaching fast, our student interschool competitors honed their skills and took to the field against the teaching staff during their lunch break.  The teacher’s team included a leader ball line up that looked hard to beat. Mr Quantock known for his accurate cricket bowler’s arm took the lead position, with the long term experience of Mr Longhurst holding down the challenging last position. Although the teachers caught well, things got dubious when the teachers were required to sprint with several teachers demonstrating that they had been paying little attention during sports carnival practice and were even seen to be confused as to the direction they were required to run in. We’re glad to say the students experienced no such difficulties and all teams performed like well-oiled machines! The students all performed exceptionally well, which gives us high hopes for school success next week. Thank you to all the teachers who participated and the students for willingly giving up their lunch time breaks to demonstrate their enthusiasm and commitment to Subiaco Primary School achieving their best at the upcoming carnival! Good luck to all competitors!

To see photos click HERE.

The results from the event are as follows:

Interschool Teacher – Student Challenge
Event First Place Second Place Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place
Leader Ball Year 3/4 Boys Year 5/6 Boys Year 5/6 Girls Teachers Year 3/4 Girls
Chest Pass Year 5/6 Boys Teachers Year 5/6 Girls Year 3/4 Boys Year 3/4 Girls
Tunnel Ball Year 5/6 Boys Year 5/6 Girls Year 3/4 Boys Teachers Year 3/4 Girls
Corner Spry Teachers Year 5/6 Boys Year 5/6 Girls Year 3/4 Boys Year 3/4 Girls
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