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SchoolBuzz-eventsSchoolBuzz is an iPhone/iPad app that works in conjunction with the school website. You can download the free SchoolBuzz app on iTunes.

The idea behind SchoolBuzz is that it provides quick and easy access to important information from the school:

  • one-click to send the school an email
  • one-click to phone the school
  • read the latest news posts
  • read the latest calendar events
  • read the latest school newsletter
  • submit an absence form to the school
  • lookup the contact and location details for the school

You can use SchoolBuzz to email or text the News/Event items and, in addition, you can add the Events to your smartphone calendar.

We are always working on ways to improve and enhance communication to our school families so we hope you find SchoolBuzz useful.  Please let us know what you think!

If You Have Problems!

Some people have reported that they received an error message when trying to download the SchoolBuzz app from the Apple AppStore:


It appears that updating your iPhone/iPad to the 6.1 version (or above) of iOS fixes this problem, i.e. update to the 6.1 (or above) version and then try downloading SchoolBuzz again. In the meantime the app developer is working on the issue.

To update to the latest version of iOS do the following:

  • go into Settings
  • click on General
  • click on Software Update
  • follow the instructions if an iOS is available
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